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Most Popular Kitchen Cabinets Colors In 2023

Each year, a new list of the Most Popular Kitchen Cabinets colors always takes the design world by storm. From the color of the year, to the most popular color palettes, the choices are dependent on multiple factors that are sometimes not always obvious.

You may think that some of the colors are gorgeous and they inspire you to want to renovate, while others may just not be your cup of tea.While you should always choose colors you love, no matter the trends, knowing what’s in style can help inspire you to make a final choice.

We’ll go over some of the most popular kitchen cabinet colors projected for 2023, and talk about the different colors of the year.

Modern kitchen cabinets
Modern kitchen cabinets

Color of the Year: Periwinkle

Pantone announced its color of the year for 2023 recently, naming it “Very Peri,” a mix between a periwinkle blue with violet red undertones. The color is unique to Pantone since it’s the first time the company has created an entirely new color, instead of picking one that already exists from their library.

The company stated that the color symbolizes transitions and new possibilities, saying the color is one of the warmest shades of blue.

The shade will surely be taking over the latest products in the near future, but in the meantime, you can incorporate this near-lilac shade into your kitchen through custom designed cabinets.

If you’re not into the idea of having entire surfaces painted with any pigment, especially a purple hue, you can still work it into your cabinets through accent features.

Painting the border of your cabinets is a great work around, or if your custom cabinets have a square insert or decorative panels, you can paint those sections only. Get creative with this welcoming, innocent color and let it bring out your child-like curiosity.

Wood Modern kitchen cabinets
Wood Modern kitchen cabinets

Honorable Mention: Slate Green

Did you know that our eyes can distinguish between different shades of green more readily than any other color? Green is one of those colors that has something for everyone, and it’s almost always included in “most popular” lists. In the past, many paint brands have chosen green as their choice for “Color of the Year

” specifically honing in on the light, slate green hues. In the 70s, the color green rose in popularity within the interior design world during the explosion of environmentalism and the desire to show love to the planet. It was seen not only in people’s kitchens, but in their living rooms, and even cars.

Today, many paint brands have chosen green as their favorite color because it conveys rebirth and change. The connection that it has to spring and the changing of the seasons reminds us that, as we enter into 2023, we can attempt to put the past few years behind us and move forward.

Green also tends to have a soothing effect, especially when it’s found on interior walls and cabinets. Slate or ashy greens pair well with many different neutral shades, such as browns, whites, and pinks.

If you want to incorporate green into your kitchen, find a neutral green shade, like a gray green, and apply it to your kitchen cabinets. As mentioned before, you can have the entire cabinet painted, or just have an accent around the trim.

Top 3 Dramatic Colors to Use

Apart from the color of the year, there are 3 other colors you’ll want to keep an eye on in 2022. They range from muted tones to vibrant chartreuse, so you can cover all your bases. The first one to watch out for is citron. Yellow has a bad reputation for being seen as outdated and loud.

When used incorrectly, the color can detract from other parts of your kitchen since it demands a lot of attention. However, buttery lemon tones are in for 2023, and due to their connection with food, are great for the kitchen.

A fun way to incorporate citron in your kitchen is to paint your bottom cabinets, or the base of a kitchen island. This works incredibly well if you keep your kitchen counters and walls a stark white. Then, on the walls, you can play with open shelving to add more depth while keeping things simple.

The next color to look out for is aubergine. Instead of always using traditional black, which can sometimes flatten a room, try adding a twist. A laquered purple, like a deep eggplant, brings more depth to your cabinets than just typical black.

If you’re still worried that having such a dark tone will shrink your kitchen, you can play with the spectrum of the hue and lean toward the lighter side. Aubergine is quite dramatic and adds a rich, velvety texture to a space. Complement it with gold cabinet hardware, white walls, and floating shelves for an elegant design.

Finally, a color that is not for the faint of heart: chartreuse. This electrifying shade is a show stopper and has come into popularity over the past few years. Chartreuse is described as a yellow-green color and is named after its resemblance to the French liqueur with the same name.

It’s fun, bright, and a real conversation starter. While the color might seem more modern, it’s actually reminiscent of a more vintage style. Chartreuse was found in many kitchens throughout the 40s, leading up to the 60s, in the form of mixing bowls, wallpaper, and even linens.

Chartreuse decor is nothing new, but having entire kitchen cabinets painted this shade is quite a statement.

If you’re not sold on the idea of having entire cabinets painted this pigment, you can incorporate it into your cabinets through hardware. If you like the idea of solid chartreuse, try painting your base cabinets and leaving your top ones a linen white. This works wonderfully if your countertops are a dark shade of gray, or even black.

Color Your World

Being aware of trending colors can inspire you and help you plan for a home remodeling.You don’t always have to follow the latest design trends, but it helps to know what’s in style in case you want to expand your options.

When it comes to Most Popular Kitchen Cabinets, you can use any color imaginable, and you don’t have to restrict yourself to just plain wood or varnish. If you want to learn more about custom cabinets and the color options available to you, reach out to a professional team today. Builders Cabinet specializes in custom cabinetry for all areas of the home, including the kitchen and bathroom